Friday, February 3, 2012

Plush Swap: From Hibou to Yermit

Posted by: Yermit

This week I was so excited to get my a box in the mail from what could only be another plush artist. And indeed - the talented Hibou Designs had drawn my name for the plush swap.

In a heady rush I tore open the box, pausing to remember that I needed to photograph the event for my Unboxing post here, and alas, the lighting was horrible! So sorry Anne-Claire!

Inside the package was wrapped in bright blue tissue paper, and tied with a bright green feather (which the cats immediate took possession of!). (I won't insert my blurry photo of this here).

INSIDE!!!!! Wow wow! The most terrific Tiger Cat Bird with a horse tail by the name of "Kat Von Hoof".

(I stopped the process at this point to run upstairs and get some decent lighting.)

Says Hibou, "He's a fantastical animal with magical powers --- some say his powers come from his horse tail ... he mainly feeds on dill pickles."

Also included was a bag filled with goodies.

I love love love love my new plush. The detail is amazing. The colours are bright and fun. This is a quality, well made and brilliant piece of art. It will have a place of honour in my home. Thanks so much Anne-Claire!

View more of Hibou Design's work and get your own in her etsy shop.

Read more about what Hibou Design is up to on her blog.


HibouCards said...

Oh wow thank you so much for this nice post Yermit!
I was really glad to be able to come up with something that suited your preferences as stated in our forum!

Leeanna Butcher said...

LOVE this! :D

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