Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Plush Swap! Raccoon in the House!

As everybody knows by now, the Plush Team swap has been in full swing for a couple weeks. I won't lie - I was practically stalking our mail lady everyday in anticipation of my new plushy surprise. And yesterday was my lucky day!

When I saw the return address, Casie of BeBe Babies, I was stoked - she makes the sweetest little babies! And after I ripped open the box, yet another surprise awaited me - my BeBe Baby was dressed up as a cuddly raccoon! Hooray!

Seriously - can you get over the cuteness? I can't! And apparently my daughter Stella couldn't either, since she almost immediately grabbed him for her own squeeze.

Once I got my raccoon (name TBD) back in my own hands, I couldn't stop looking at him - his expression is SO happy! He is saying to me, "Hey you! Wanna play? Please?" Well, yes, of course!

I love the attention to detail - the eyes are painted to give them extra sparkle. And the rouged cheeks and hand-stitched tummy add that hand-made touch. And did I mention how soft he is? Casie - you do AMAZING work!

You should definitely head over to Casie's shop, BeBe Babies and Friends if you want some of this cuteness for your own. Then, check out her website for more BeBe Babies links and awesomeness! 

Hooray! Thanks, Casie!

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