Friday, March 9, 2012

Woot! My very own Sea Otter!

This adorable little guy was waiting for me when I got home last week; my Leap Day Swap from the fabulous Marcy of Moons Creations!

To make this swap even more fantastic, he came with 3 pieces of sushi, which just happens to be my favorite food:

I love his scruffy little muzzle, and how great is it that he can stand up on his own? It's all thanks to his tail of course. :D

Thanks so much for my Sea Otter, Marcy! I'm delighted to have him in my plush collection, especially since this is the closest I will come to having a real sea otter in my life. ;D
If you want to see more of the fantastic and utterly cute plush dreamed up by Moons Creations, check out her etsy shop!

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