Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Party Animal Arrives

As Abby wrote, we're in the midst of a 5 Year Plush Team Anniversary swap party. And lucky me, I am the recipient of a swap plush from Plush Team member Jen of famed shop Them Dollz. She sent me the most wonderful party animal, as you can see. I love its brown fuzzy fur, reminds me of one of my critters, but without the demands or slobbering. And the fur stays on this animal, doesn't fly in the air and gather in the corners like tumbleweeds, just waiting to blow by and taunt me. I digress. My party animal ROCKS! Thanks Jen, you ROCK. And I might as well go ahead and say it, PLUSH TEAM ROCKS! (yes, I'm shouting).


ThEm DoLLz said...

Yay! I'm glad you like him! Great photo by the way. I wish I could take photos like that!

Daniel Anthony said...

Another party animal arrives. Read to know more
Team building

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