Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Out of the Frame (and into my HEART!!)

imagine my super duper excitement when a fancy international package arrived at my door (such cool stamps!!!). But oh. my. goodness.... what was inside was so much better. 

This awesome little sweetie from the uber talented Rowan, of Out of the Frame, came with a note referring to him as the *might bunny! a mascot!! look at the asterisk! 

he soon proved to be more than just cute... clearly he knows his way around a fibers studio. he went to work right away (his sewing skills were good, but his arms are short & i didn't like the looks of him sliding under the arm trying to move the fabric).

so, maybe he's not *that* kind of studio assistant. 
he'll be moral support. 

(thanks Rowan!!)

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