Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Plush Wishlist

One - A soft velvet skipping plush heart by patti haskins
Two - A two-headed planarian for the biology geek in your life by Weird Bug Lady
Three - A hug by PterodactylPants
Four - Pete the Purple People Eater, a Valentine zombie by Squirrel Momma
Five - A felt Valentine's skull plush ornament by eleventh monkey
Six - A small LoveBelly packing a whole lotta love by *Might
Seven - Prickles, a hedgehog lovingly sewn from new socks by Treacher Creatures
Eight - Rosie, a messenger doll carrying a message of love by out of the frame
Nine - A funny monster with a heart-shaped brooch by Cronopia6
Ten - A Valentine's taco ornament by Yummy Pancake

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