Monday, January 28, 2013

I don't really have a 'workspace' in the traditional sense of a studio or work room. I keep all my crafting stuff in our bedroom. I bought the shelves for my yarn when we moved here. I had seen pictures on line of people who had all their yarn stored according to colour and I really wanted to do that too, it keeps things organised and looks nice at the same time. Until last week everything else I use for crafting was stored in a big piles on my desk or on the floor. I finally got fed up of the mess and bought a new set of shelves and now everything is organised.

I do most of my making in the living room sitting on the sofa, partly because there isn't really anywhere to sit in our bedroom and partly because in the winter it's too cold to be anywhere but in the living room. I keep everything I need for my current project in a basket so I have a kind of portable workspace!

My shelves of yarn are often the place I go to for inspiration when I am going to make a new character. I don't start with a picture in my mind of what I am going to make but I pick a colour combination that I like and start crocheting. The personality of the character then comes out as I make it.

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