Friday, January 18, 2013

Plush Appeal

I have always loved plush animals but it never occured to me to make them myself until a trip to South Korea in 2009. We were browsing booths in an artsy neighborhood in Seoul. One particularly crafty person was selling hundreds of little handmade faux leather monsters. The colorful collection drew me in instantly. I was in love and just had to buy a large bunch of them, for me and for family and friends.

It was there, that day, that I told my (future) husband: “I’m going to design and make little creatures like these and sell them on the internet.” I kind of thought he would laugh at me, but instead he got excited and told me it was a great idea.

So when we got back to Japan, I started drawing designs and started shopping around for supplies. I couldn’t find any faux leather so I decided to work with felt instead. My first creation was a farewell gift for a coworker. I had no idea how to stitch or sew, but there's almost nothing you can't google these days. It took me a couple of tries but soon I finished my first giraffe. My coworker loved it!

I was so proud of myself and I was hooked! From that moment on, I have been obsessed with making plush. And even though I can't handstitch anymore (due to injuries), I'm still merrily plushmaking on a sewing machine.


out of the frame said...

great story :) I'd love to go to Japan someday I'm sure I'd find so much crafty inspiration there!

Susan said...

I love these. they are so cute. Have you ever tried making Teddy Bears. I love homemade Teddy Bears.
Thanks for letting me visit, and again they are really cute.

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