Friday, February 8, 2013

Mardi Gras from Bosnia & Herzegovina

I have to say that it is pretty awesome to get something so amazing from fellow Plush Team crocheter, Rowan Hellyer from out of the frame!
Rowan made me a fantabulous doll that is expertly crocheted and delightful to behold.  The doll is donning her Mardi Gras apparel complete with mask, headdress, and of course traditional Mardi Gras colors.  I have a hunch this little dolly will be giving up sweets since she's got a whole bunch of Starburst to get through before Fat Tuesday!
Thank you, Rowan! I am enjoying her very much and I hope she shares her Starburst with me. :)
Jen of fuzfrenzy

1 comment:

out of the frame said...

:) I'm sure she'll share her sweets if you smile sweetly enough! Glad you like her.

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