Tuesday, February 26, 2013

See-Me-Learn Toys

While perusing the bookshelves at my favorite local thrift store (books were on sale 5 for a dollar!) I came across this gem. Well, perhaps it's more of a fossil.

By Jennifer Geiger
Sedgewood Press, 1988
Do you have all the necessary accoutrement for your plush toy making? Let's find out: 
It's a quirky how-to chock full of patterns to make toys like these:
Mr. Shapey
Topsy-Turvy Sue
Who Lives Here? Rainbow House 
And if you feel like trying your hand, here's the Banana Babe, complete with pattern and instructions.

I know, it's not Shakespeare. And Banana Babe is a far cry from some of the masterful work to be found amongst these from the Plushteam, but it's a fresh look at plush making from a bygone era. It's a slice of history with a dash of craft 101 and some 1980s humor. It's a reminder of what you can find in your own back yard.

1 comment:

abbydid said...

Banana Babe totally needs to be part of my life.

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