Friday, February 22, 2013

The Cutest Clodhopper for Mardi Gras!

What a great surprise it was when I received my PlushTeam plush swap right on Mardis Gras day!
As I opened the box I got even more excited... my plush was coming from Leeanna from PlushGoodness, what a treat!
Just looking at the way it was wrapped was promising... lots of goodies came with the plush too.

 So I untied the bow and this is what I discovered... One of Leeanna's cutest Clodhoppers
This one is named Claudine and, according to Leeanna's little label that came with the plush, Mardi Gras is Claudine's favorite time of the year :)
This is what the rest of the label said: "Every year she gets out her feathered mask, fleur de lis brooch, and fancy mis-matched socks. She loves heading off to a Mardi Gras party where she has a bunch of beads to give away to her friends.

The Clodhoppers are a species of Bigfoot that love to wear mis-matched socks."
How much fun is that? I love it and even more so knowing that this one was made specifically for me :)
For more PlushGoodness adorable creations go to her website on Etsy!
In the meantime I will be petting this one with pleasure... did I mention how soft these are?


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