Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Plush Fave So Far
by Little Critter Plushies

Sometimes The Magic Happens

Lately my newest work has been some of my favorite work. When creating plush, and especially new monsters, sometimes nothing seems to fit together. I fall back into my comfort zone and keep creating plush I know that feels right and people like. I feel stunted and not creative when no growth happens with my work and become "plush blocked" I suppose, where I can't create anything. 

However, there are special moments when you have been in your studio all day, no sleep, lots of coffee and music that the magic happens and everything just falls into to place. This is my current state of my newest work. Out of my comfort zone, experimenting with comic-book inspired fabrics, furs, eyes and well... I like it, a lot!

Many hours of changing fabrics, facial expressions, buttons, eyes, have paid off. Pushing my talents, learning new skills, color concept and materials makes my work ever changing and this is only the beginning. I do a happy dance and want to share with others my joy of creating, drawing and dreaming about monsters.

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