Saturday, March 9, 2013

My love for plush began 4 years ago when I found a book written by a Japanese designer about how to turn socks and gloves into creatures. From that day to this I have had a complete obsession with socks and how the humble sock can be transformed into creatures. I started experimenting with simple designs for animals and my little collection of creatures grew and grew until I had over 40 creatures on my shelves, all different designs. I collected socks everywhere I went and still do until I had crates of socks of all different colours and designs stacked up to the ceiling. A pair of socks can inspire a whole design just by their colour or pattern combination. I even started looking at the socks people were wearing and wondering what creature they would make. My creatures soon outgrew the space available to house them so I opened Treacher Creatures on Etsy 3 years ago and have never looked back.

I have since designed hundreds of different plush creatures made purely from socks. Along the way on my plush adventure I have added other materials, sweaters, fleece and started crocheting them too. But most of my creatures still use socks, whether that be as a sweater or sculpted hands and noses. The material that started my love of plush making is enduring and will I hope continue to be my obsession for many years to come.

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