Thursday, March 28, 2013

Plush Hoarders

I have been collecting plushies since I was a baby - the tiger guarding my collection was given to me when I was one year old! I'm now 24, a graduate student, and still hoarding plushies. I love animals, and plushies are a good substitute for real animals when I'm struck with the urge to adopt another pet (I currently have two rabbits, a handful of reptiles, and a fish tank). The plushies have originated from toy stores, amusement parks and fairs, plush-team swaps, Etsy shops, and craft fairs. I have also made many of them myself. They are mostly crammed into and on top of a bookshelf, but many others are scattered throughout the apartment or arranged with my pillows. Many of them have special meaning, while others are just for fun. The two kitties were custom made for me based on the two cats I grew up with. The shark belonged to my grandfather, I haggled for the alpaca at a street fair in Ecuador, and I won the little kangaroo in a pie baking contest. I made the mountain goat and wolverine for my boyfriend, since they are his favorite animals. I will continue collecting plushies wherever I go (though my parents are still waiting for me to take a few bags full of plushies from their attic).

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