Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome to my pepto bismol pink plush making domain. When we were buying a house a few years ago, one of the musts was that it has to have enough bedrooms for me to transform one into my studio(and the trade-off was that my husband got to designate an area downstairs as the man cave). I was going to try to get everything all cleaned up, neat and tidy, but then you really wouldn't get a true look into my work area. I thrive on organized chaos. It may look like a wreck to some people, but I know every single thing that I have and where it is located. It's even extra messy here, as I am in the process of getting ready for a small local craft show ^_^.

Under my window is my collection of yarn porn...acrylic yarn in every color possible! I have more specialty yarns tucked away in the closets. As you can see I have my collection of plush, vintage toys, and art all over the walls and on shelves. This is my eye candy, and helps me with my inspiration for new designs.

One thing I don't have is a computer in there. That's a no-no. If I had a computer in here, I would just spend the day laughing at memes and lolcats on the interwebs! I can't have that kind of a distraction ^_^.

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