Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pin-Up Plush

Admit it--like me, you've probably gotten sucked into the black hole time vacuum that is Pinterest. And what better way to fritter away your spare time (or avoid your bulging in-box) than drooling over some new and exciting plush?

Some of the best pin boards for plush I've found on Pinterest have been from crafters and bloggers. For instance, you may be familiar with Lisa of Five Orange Potatoes from her blog or Etsy shop, but take a look at this great collection she has on her Plush board.

Abigail Brown's sewn patchwork animals

Celina Bailey of Petit a Petit & Family is a children's wear designer who has a great eye for toys, too. I spotted Bear Boy from Plush Team's PinkCheekStudios on her board Kiddo...Plush.
Bear Boy with Suspenders by PinkCheeksStudios on Etsy

Nate Murray is actually an engineer, but he has an amazing collection of pin boards for those of us who love the weird and wonderful (be sure and check out Taxidermy). Being a needle felter myself, my favorite is of course his board Needle Felt.


I could keep going, but I suspect I've given you enough to waste any free time you have today, and tomorrow too. Happy plush ogling!

Amy, aka Squirrel Momma

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