Monday, April 15, 2013

Are you going to enter?

So, if you follow our facebook page you may have noticed that we have been running a photo competition. This will be a bi-monthly event and anyone who owns a piece of plush made by someone in the Plush Team is welcome to enter. This excellent photo was the winning entry for our first competition, the theme of which was 'Plush Travels.'

The exciting news is that entries are now open for our 2nd photo competition of 2013 and it is highly likely, as a reader of our blog, that you are eligible to enter!

The theme for this competition is 'Take your plush to work day' and to enter you need to take a photo of your plush creature with you at work, and post that photo onto the wall of the plush team facebook page. It could be a photo of your plush sitting at your desk, working some machinery, talking with a customer, whatever you can think of! Be creative.

Once you have posted your photo, invite all your friends to 'like' it. We will short-list the 3 entries with the most 'likes' and from those 3 choose a winner.

The deadline for posting photos is 22.04.2013 and we will announce the winner by 24.04.2013.

And... what is the prize? The prize is these awesome pin badges from Them Dollz :)

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