Saturday, April 6, 2013

I believe in the power of naïveté and channeling a childlike enthusiasm into my creations. All my designs hand sewn and always colorful. I think of them as being whimsical, cheeky and just all around fun, my main goal being to make people smile. Initially starting out as a card designer, one day I bought some felt to incorporate into one of my cards and I was hooked! My focus immediately shifted to creating with fabric.

I started by creating what I call “Feltscapes” which are felt framed landscapes made with felt and roving wool with embroidery details and some 3D highlights. I then delved into the incredible world of plush.

I had called my Etsy shop Hibou Cards (now HibouDesigns) after my son’s love for owls (hibou means “owl” in French, my native language) and so it felt pretty natural to use owls as my primary template for plush making.

At the time I was also fortunate to be given a whole box of vintage fabric, lace and buttons from my grandma back in France and from this point on I entirely devoted myself to plush making, from simple toy like ones to more elaborate art dolls.

I have been trying to push my boundaries in the making of plush art ever since, exploring new materials, techniques, absorbing all I can of my surroundings to take my creations to the next level. It has been an incredible journey and I am looking forward to continue on this path!

Anne-Claire aka Hibou

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