Monday, April 22, 2013

Hi guys! Heather of Needlings here to give you a behind the scenes peek at my studio space! Since Needlings started in 2007 with a coffee table and a few baskets filled with supplies, I’d say my workspace has come a long way…

I am the type of creative person that needs my supplies in front of my face or I forget about them so I set out to have a worktable that is just that, all I do is look up or down and everything is there!

My fabric supply is all underneath my big Ikea worktable in clear drawers and my felt supply is on my tabletop which allows me to keep up on what I have and what I need better than any spreadsheet I’ve ever used. The secret to the shelving I use that I often get inquiries about is actually three separate Bankers’ Box filing shelves. Boring office supply stuff works for fun stuff too! I’ve never had an office job so office supply browsing for creative uses for things is pretty exciting for me.

I also have a bunch of vintage glass jars I like to store my ribbons, embroidery floss, thread and other regularly used supplies in.

I keep my laptop next to me on a little side table and my sewing machine moves back and forth depending on whether I need cutting space or am just sewing away on a batch of things. Things are always moving!

It took awhile but I think I have finally packed in as much as I possibly can in, under, and around my huge worktable. It works for me! I think it’s just as important to have an inspiring workspace as it is to have a relatively organized one. I don’t think I’m a horribly tidy person but my brain can better focus on making stuff when I don’t have to spend hours digging through closets and bins for supplies I thought I saw a few months ago (though I do still do that sometimes, too!).

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Thanks for peeking!


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~Laurie~ said...

It's great to see how you work. I'm a quilter and a lot of quilters will show off their studios. It's always cool to see how people organize their "stuff". Thanks for the tour!

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