Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plush Fave So Far
i had to choose from two things i make quite a lot as my all time favourite, the one loosing out is the edward tulane style rabbit, im very fold of him, but theres nothing like making one of my barn owls i have to say!

in making the barn owls i use many different fabrics to get the different effects inclusing needle felting to shape the beak and claws and wire in the legs to help the bird stand. the wings and tails are laters or fabric and thin sheet foam which i top stitch to add feather detail ... they are cuddly pluss but i also see them as soft art because they are very detailed. some of the methods i use to make them i picked up from artist bear making techniques, such as attaching the wings with a button-joint!

the first barn owl was requested by a fan of 'molly owl' and i have fond memories of watching the real molly owl on the live web cams a few years back when i made the first, so this project really has sentimental apeal to me too!

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