Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hi all! Scrumptious delight here and it's time to confess. I have a very bad track record when it comes to blogging, it's almost as if I am allergic to it, read on and you will see...
So just to fill you in I must mention our yearly secret Santa event. Every year, usually a little after Christmas Plushteam members participate in a secret Santa style swap. It is a very popular and so far I have participated in 4 swaps, every year I have been a member of the Plushteam.
So back to my bad track record and need to confess. I have yet to blog about any of the plush I received...gasp! I know *hangs head in shame* I am a bad, bad person :(

Anyway, none of this reflects the absolute joy and delight I felt upon receiving each of my swaps, so apologies and here is their long, long overdue introduction.

The first swap I participated in was a a Russian Christmas theme, I received this amazing crocheted cupcake with an octopus topper. It was made by talented Jen of Fuz Frenzy. It was inspired by my love of sweet things and is constructed so that it comes apart like a Russian doll, too fun! 

For swap number two it was the beautiful Calliope Clodhopper who came to live at our house. Calliope was made by Leeanna of Plushgoodness, she used all the colors that I love and Calliope hangs out on my living room wall. I have other plush made by Leeanna, her work is so neatly stitched and her artistic background just shines through her designs.

Number three is a wonderful strawberry bat made by the quirky crafting genius Amy of Squirrel Momma. I also have several plush made by Amy...you can't have too much of a good thing!

By now you are eager to see plush swap number four but that will have to wait for another post dear readers  and now that I can feel myself healing from my blogging phobia that blog post will be written soon.
In the meantime though I am sharing a photo of Spiderman as this is my birthday blog post and her (yes her) birthday is just 2 days before mine. 
Happy 10th birthday Spiderman!

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