Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Plush Hoarders
by *might

*Someday* (I say all the time & always with an air of mild skepticism), I'll have a giant room, that will be half studio & half toy/ plush museum. Someday. For now, however, I've had to divide my plush collection up & plant these sweeties in every room of the house. When my son was born, he inherited (read: stole) a lot of my favorite pieces... but I let him, because he's super cute. You'll find plush in his room, in our bedroom, over the doorways in the hall & tucked into various recesses. Hoarder? Nah... Collector!

This grouping may be my favorite though. They occupy the top of a bookshelf which separates the shared living room from my studio space (I gave my son my old studio too). I love being at my desk and looking over at this impressive group huddled together like an awkward family portrait. All the different colors & fiber textures and techniques--- its very inspiring. And I love how (if you take a few steps to the left), slowly integrate into the shared family space too.

My plush collection spans the globe! I have work from over 50 countries & every continent (except Antarctica) and places I hope to visit someday. I love thinking about my *own* work being a part of a collection like this halfway around the world somewhere.

Now THAT'S inspiring!

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