Monday, May 6, 2013

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when and how I started making the things that I make, because for me, making things was always something I took for granted that you just do. It’s always been a big part of my reality – eat, sleep, breathe, make things.

When I was a little kid, I was very opinionated about the design of my toys. I was always altering the toys that I had – giving my stuffed animals haircuts, cutting free sewn-on clothes and accessories so I could change their outfits, painting new faces on my dolls when I disliked the existing ones, and even drawing nipples and belly buttons on my Barbies one time because it bothered me that anyone would be so lazy as to leave out these details. I constructed elaborate houses and then towns for my Troll dolls out of wooden boxes, cardboard and paper, and created a great number of very detailed little accessories for their homes. The trolls themselves got haircuts, pierced ears and tattoos.

I remember often thinking to myself that my toys would be so much cooler if I could design them myself. So it was only natural that when I saw my grandma sewing some ragdolls, I was really excited at the thought of being able to sew my own stuffed animals. I made my first dolls when I was about ten years old: two pirates that I made as a present for my little brother (he was obsessed with pirates at the time). The pirates had stuffing sticking out and heads that hung on by a thread, but I was very proud.

Later, in high school, I was the kid who doodled on everything, and who would always find a way to turn anything and everything into an art project. I drew little comics in my notebooks involving the adventures of creepy-cute monsters, bunnies and squids, and talked my teachers on multiple occasions into letting me make short animations in PowerPoint in place of slide show presentations for reports. I made little plush monsters and voodoo dolls for all of my friends’ birthdays.

Right after high school, in 2008, I started making plush creatures that resemble the creatures I make now. A friend of mine had started making plush monsters based on her drawings, and I thought that was really cool. I decided to try create plush versions of my own little doodles. This is one of the two first octopods I made back in 2008:
Wonky little guy, isn’t he?

Here’s how the octopods have evolved over the years:

I like to think that these creatures will continue to multiply and evolve for many years to come - but what I do know for certain is that I will always be making things. (:

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