Sunday, May 12, 2013

Evolution of a giraffe plush design

Evolution of a giraffe head
Hi! Karissa from Kitty Kitty Crafts here to talk about the evolution of one of my original plush designs. A new design always comes through some trial and error. Even if we think we know what we're doing, there's always going to be a certain amount of refinement that goes into perfecting the look of our plush. These photos show the process I went through to create my giraffe plush design.

I had previously made a giraffe plush for a friend of mine, but decided that it looked a little too sea-serpent-y in the head. So when I wanted to add a giraffe to my line of herbivores, I started again from scratch. This is what my first try looked like:
Evolution of a giraffe head

Too pointy, right? And the body was too long. Next I made another, with a shorter body, and tried inserting the ricrac trim I would use for the mane:
Evolution of a giraffe head

This one is better, but the head just wasn't right, even though I tried a few times (as evidenced by the bit I cut off and saved). Even so, I used that for the next round, and got this guy:
Evolution of a giraffe head

Too stumpy. This one looks more like a dinosaur, although the body and neck were looking pretty good at this point. This is when I quit making the entire giraffe and just focused on the head and neck. My next try was better....
Evolution of a giraffe head

...but still too pointy. Still, I was getting close, and I knew it, so for the next round, I made and inserted the ears, which I knew would help me visualize how the completed giraffe would look.
Evolution of a giraffe headEvolution of a giraffe head

And yes! That's it! Once the design was set, I plowed ahead with production.

As you can see, this tower of giraffes represents a lot of work, but they're worth it, no? They're all available for adoption in my shop on Etsy!

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