Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My late birthday post

First of all sorry for my late post. I'm a April Baby, not May!
So this post is about my work. I know I already talked a little about me on flickr forum, but let me do it again here and with pictures.

An idea!

So before I start a plushie I begin with an idea. I usually walk to work everyday, about a 30 minutes walk and I got so much inspiration from the people on street or watching house's windows. So I write all my ideas down on paper and start sketching. It's very important for me to sketch before I start cutting fabric.

Crazy Cat Lady sketches

Then, and according to the plush I want to make, I use my old patterns or I make new patterns. I draw my patterns on cardboard for example. And I use pre-washed and ironed fabrics because they are easier for me to use.

I stitch the details, with thread and felt.
And then I sew all my plushie wrong side with wrong side with my sewing machine - a Toyota SPB15 I turn it to the right side and stuff it with polyester fiberfill and that's it! 

Adding the details

Before stuffing them a little bit or ironing

Ready to stuff!

Then I make some clothes. With fabric or with yarn. I use a round loom knit, because I don't know how to knit with knitting needles. When I make clothes I always try to use fabric according to their personality. 

round loom knit

Very shortly description of how I work, but I assume all you already know this :D

Thank you so much for reading this till the end!


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