Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Plush Fave So Far

When I first got the idea to start creating my own plush I was at a craft Market in Seoul, South Korea and was browsing a large rack of faux leather plushies in all colors of the rainbow. I had such a hard time picking my favorites because each one came in different color combinations. Ever since, I've been obsessed with making my own original plushies in as many different color combinations. They just look so handsome as a group.
I have made many different kinds of plush animals, in all colors of the rainbow, but none as often as the owl. I have made large ones, small ones, ornaments, keychains, cupcake toppers. I have no idea how many owls I have made exactly, but it's probably more than 200. So I can certainly dub my owls my favorite plush so far.
I plan to make many, many more, until I hypothetically grow tired of them. But I don't think that will happen, they just make me too happy. I've even recently started a bi-weekly giveaway of owl keychains, which allows me to come up with themed owls relating to my life outside of plush.
So far I've given away a Dutch King Owl (in honor of the new King of my homecountry the Netherlands) a Mommy+Baby Owl (for Mother's Day), and a SambaFunk Owl (because my husband and I took part in the Grand Carnaval Parade in San Francisco). And currently a Watermelon Owl (because I've been eating lots of yummy watermelon) is up for grabs.

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