Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Post on Plush

I'd planned to make an amazing post for the Plush Team blog about how I work, what inspires me, and of course lots of inspiring photos. But something got in the way. A small little something that turned 9 months old this month and learned how to crawl to celebrate.

Instead, I present to you with a smaller post, which is text only, but I hope it will be of use to you.

Welcome to the Plush Team's blog!
You're probably here, because you like plush. Perhaps you want to start making your own plush. Maybe you're looking for pointers or tutorials. These are all valid reasons.

I'm going to tell you something you may have never heard before.

You can do it.

Others may say you're wasting your time or you have no talent. They are wrong. Anyone can make plush. You will need a few basic tools; fabric, yarn (if you're a crocheter like me), stuffing, thread, needles, and maybe a few buttons for fun.

The most important thing you need to make your own plush is a willingness to be bold and to make something you love. You will make mistakes. You will make many, many mistakes, but remember mistakes are beautiful. Mistakes mean we're learning! Keep pushing, don't look back. Continue sewing. Continue crocheting. Some may say you're doing it wrong and that may be so, but you're doing it your way and that means you're doing it right.

Best of luck and lots of love. Make and love your plush, because you're opinion is the only one that matters in the end.

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