Monday, June 17, 2013

Belated Birthday Blog

So what's an April Baby like me doing posting about her birthday in June?
 Well, I have an excuse... Really I do!
 I didn't find out that I had become a member of The Plush Team until the day AFTER my birthday. Which, I might add, was a mighty fine present to receive.
  I wasn't able to jump in right away as I was just about to go into my, "Holy crow! I have a show in like two weeks!" mode which was quickly followed by my, "Why did I do this to myself... I will never book two shows in a row again!" mode.
Now that I have reached the calm in the middle of my summer shows, I wanted to take the opportunity to say,
 "Hi there! My name is Cynthia Patton and I design and make plush things that make myself and hopefully other people happy!"
 Thanks for having me Plush Team.

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