Friday, July 26, 2013

Plush Hoarders

Chez Scrumptious Delight plush invades every room except for the bathroom. I am not the only one to have a plush collection...Monsieur Scrumptious Delight has a few plush that I have made and gifted to him. My 15 year old son has 15 or so plush and my 10 year old daughter like myself has, well... a butt load!

The photographs really only show the tip of the iceberg.

In the photos you can see quite a few plush from other plushteam members, a few mohair bears and vintage plush and some new manufactured plush...if I like it I like it ! :)

Some of these belong to my kids, each of my kids has a wibbly woo made by Abbydid and zombie moonbuns made by moons creations. We actually have a whole herd of moonbuns and Cleo (daughter) and my's secret obsession is just about anything that can be bought from Violetpi on Etsy. I have two Cutesy but not Cutesy monsters and a few different pieces by Plush Goodness.

Despite a small apartment crammed with a family of 4 who like stuff and several I will surely add to this collection, plush is just too appealing and who knows, maybe one day I will have a bigger place to live with room for a studio where the walls will be lined with plush. *dreams!*

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