Monday, July 22, 2013

Monster Workshop.

Ever so often I feel like all the monsters, all the plush and all the memories I have created don't compare to the rock stars in the plush world. I feel very small and inexperience when It comes to some of the amazing artist's that I am lucky to call my friends, co-workers, and long distance team members. Many artist's inspire me to push my goals and my techniques But, one of my favorite is Stitches and Glue
 Stitches in Glue gives me my childhood imaginative sparkle when I see there work. A creative design house of freelance puppets, toys, props, costume makers and designers working within the special FX industry in London, England. It is like a dream come true. When I see there work I immediately get inspired to be able to become more productive in this field and make my own gallery. It gives me the courage to believe in myself and my dreams

I Love how this team has created a world for each one of there monsters. Welcoming Monsters to the Monster "Workshop by providing a temporary, safe and secure environment for monsters who have come from a neglectful background"  It just brings so much meaning and fun to there work and I am in awe. I love seeing the behind the scenes of the monster workshop. 
So, for my big 30th Birthday I am becoming to realize that my dreams are coming true and hard work in paying off and I just need to take a big leap and do it. Make my own Gallery and bring the joy that I have to offer to others. Not only a thank you to all of the people that inspire me but everyone who is supportive of this movement of monster making, handmade, etsy, shop local, and D.I.Y.

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