Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monsters on display: a Fluffy Flowers birthday post

Hello folks, this is Felicia from Fluffy Flowers. I've been making and selling plush for about seven years. I love it! My studio is crammed full of plush in various states of completion. This summer I was lucky enough to have my plush put on display at my local library.

I can not believe how awesome these little fellows look all together. And I can't believe that I've actually made this many!

Not only did I get the chance to put these fellows on display, but I also got to arrange them all in the display case. How fun! A few monster books were added to the display for folks to check out.

I was happy to see so many library visitors happily enjoying my monsters. I saw a lot of smiling of faces as folks looked deep into that display case. And I hope my monsters bring a smile to your face too!

1 comment:

Ryk Stanton said...

That's an incredible display - I love it! I can imagine many people standing and looking at your many creations. Wonderful!

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