Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Evolution of a Craft

By Yermit

When I first had the idea that I wanted to create a "plush" doll, I really had little clue how to go about it.

In my head, I had the idea that I wanted to bring to life one of my illustrated characters, but the mechanics of it were beyond me.

I knew how to sew, and had been creating quilted wall hangings and smaller art quilts for a while.  After learning the proper way to quilt, and finding it time consuming and restrictive (too much measuring) I had adopted a method of creating that I called "free style".

So, free style is how I approached the making of my doll.

After many hours, mostly spent staring at the fabric and turning it around a lot, I created this:

He's about 5 inches tall.

The legs were the most problematic part.  I solved this on my next couple, who turned out a bit larger:

It occurred to me that I could incorporate some of my small quilted aspects into the dolls.  So my next few were a bit more detailed and took a really long time to create - again - mostly me staring at the fabric.  These were even larger than the original.

As my skill grew, apparently so did my plush.  Next up were a series of goat like animals, with coats and bags, hats and glasses.

At some point, I remembered my goal - to create my Yeti like boy as a doll, so finally, I moved towards the Yermits as they appear today - larger, more huggable, shaggy, loners who live in cave on the mountain.

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