Monday, August 26, 2013

Plush Hoarders

There are two main places I keep plush in my room/workspace/office/whatever you want to call it. The first is hanging up on my wall surrounding my desk. I like to have a mix of plush and illustrations around me so I can be inspired while I work by other awesome artists! I have two neon green monsters on my wall by Serena Kuhl, and two yetis hanging on my wall. The one with the unicorn horn is by Melkatsa and the smaller one below my pegboard is by Nonesuch Garden, a member of the Plush Team. I also have a bunch of small toys by Danielleorama, Happycloud Thunderhead, and another that I can't even recall whom I got it from I've had it for so long.

The other place I keep my plush is on a wide shelf above my bureau, where I keep some of my work along with work from others I love. I have work from Yummypancake, Moonscreations, Alittlestranger, Phil Barbato, Steffbomb, Deadlysweet, and more :). My plush collection isn't as impressive as I'd like it to be but I hope it grows more and more!

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