Wednesday, September 11, 2013

by *might

My current favorite piece is part of a series of patchwork, quilted cotton pigeons, I've been working on. I'm a HUGE fan of the pigeon & they pop up pretty regularly in my paintings & illustrations, but until recently, I'd never attempted to create any 3-dimensionally.

My mom's a quilter, so I've grown up with an appreciation for the art form, and I love all the connotations quilting brings with it-- the deeply rooted Americana; the traditions of using whatever scraps of fabric were available, to bring new life to garments & new function to cloth. I love the play between the color & patterns in patchwork quilts and what you can do with quilting techniques and hand stitching to create texture on the surface.

I also really love embroidery (which I've been playing around with more too). For me, being able to get really "noodle-y" and picky about my technique and stitches is another way of focusing my energy, and as a result, my affection for, a particular subject. In my illustrations, I use a lot of small and intricate marks or careful repetitive patterns & I love doing the same with my plush. I intend to make at least 100 of these birds for a larger project I'm pursuing, to help change the public opinion of (and misinformation about) pigeons.

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