Monday, September 30, 2013

My Story Plush

Hello everyone !
Today I want to talk about my experience making stuffed animals .
I started making waldorf toys when my son entered the school , I made wool elves , fairies and kittens and rabbits knit , I loved and still love , but gradually I began to want to make toys with other materials, many of which do not are allowed in waldorf pedagogy , that only works with 100% natural materials . So after a while I started to make my colored toys and recycled fabrics in parallel. At first I did small brooches, small animals such as kittens , dinosaurs , etc., all sewn by hand , it took me so long to make each piece. After working a while sewing by hand , my former partner gave me a sewing machine about 6 years ago , with which I continue sewing until today . This helped me take a step forward in my work. Toys that took a whole day, now might take a couple of hours and could also sew a lot more things and details. Although still small details to hand sewing , I love my sewing machine .


When I started making my dolls , I felt a little strange , everywhere we went, people had more traditional work and then asked me where I worked and coyly replied: " I ​​do cloth toys " and people looked at me as if crazy, and then returned to ask: "But you have another job other than that, or live with it ? " no one could believe that I worked on this 100 % and it still happens. So when I met the Plush Team I could not believe that so many people from other countries to work making toys like me, that opened a world to me. Here in Chile we are far behind in that, and very few people are engaged in the manufacture of toys , very little actually . so the Plush Team is a wonderful thing for me, I've visited their flickrs and I can hear you, your work, many have cats like me, that makes me very happy to be part of this wonderful group that we have so much in common .I love to be able to meet you all in person, speak good English and share experiences that means working in the same.I hope it does not spread too much, just want you to know how important it is for me plush team :)

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Louana van Luttervelt said...

Loved reading your story, and love your creatures.

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