Monday, October 21, 2013

I considered tidying up before taking these photos, but, to be honest, this *is* tidy for me. A least, I know where everything is, and that's a system that works for me! I share this room with a futon, another desk, and a portion of my husband's fairly massive personal library, but this desk, the wall above it, and a bookshelf opposite (where I store my fabric) are all mine. My sewing setup is always the same: iPad, machine, drink. I keep my most-used tools (rulers, scissors, rotary cutters, bias-tape makers, hemostats) on the metal pegboard, which I love. It also serves as an inspiration or mood board, where I keep cards from people who have received my work, treasured bits of ephemera, and photos of some of my favorite ladies, including my mom and aunties and my grandmother.

So sure, I could've cleaned up and put things away before taking these pictures, but that would have taken away from my sewing time, and they would have come right back out after my photos were taken. Creativity is messy, and I'm okay with that.

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