Thursday, November 21, 2013

by *might

My studio is a multi-media zone.

I'm an illustrator, a muralist, a plush artist & a designer, so my workspace is constantly in motion; always jam packed and infrequently tidy. There's order, sure, but its more what I would call "controlled chaos". I know where everything is… it just might take me a little bit to actually FIND it.

At any given time, there are at least 3 beverages on my desk (coffee & water are pretty much staples… the 3rd might be wine, or a Coke, or something like lemonade, depending on the time of day or the way the day has gone so far!). I usually have a few paintings in the works at once. Commissioned pieces & incomplete illustrations are hung on a clothing line next to my desk, so I can just grab them and get back to work, when inspiration strikes. I have shelves in the corner over my desk, stacked with pre-cut dolls waiting to be assembled and sewn together. There's a collection of sketchbooks right at arms length, so I can pull one out whenever I have an idea I need to work out. And I've mounted a dry erase, magnetic chalkboard on the wall directly in front of me, so those nagging BIG thoughts & ideas can stay right in my sightline! My sewing machine usually lives on my desk, so I can jump on it without having to do any set up. Similarly, my laptop lives on the other side of my desk, so digital work is just as accessible.

I have a huge wall unit which houses all of my fabric (well… MOST of my fabric… I have a lot of fabric) & each cubby is dedicated to a different type of medium-- my acrylics & printmaking supplies; my inks and papers; my collage & ceramics stuff-- all of it has its own place.

Every morning, I grab a cup of coffee & sit down at my desk. I try to clear my inbox first thing in the morning-- respond to requests & package orders, so they're ready for pick up by noon. Then I refer to my To-Do list and just choose a project to make headway on. If nothing has a particularly tight deadline, I'll go with whatever I'm in the mood for, media & subject wise AND in terms of how it flows with whatever I want for studio entertainment. If there's a show I want to stream, I'll choose something that I can do without needing to look, like knitting. If there's a podcast I want to listen to, I'll put my headphones on and start sewing. If its a day I just want to let Spotify's radio feature dictate my productivity, I turn the volume up loud and have myself a studio dance party.

Dance party days are my favorites.

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