Saturday, December 21, 2013

I have been waiting for time to clean the studio, have nice light and take photographs of the space. But, this morning I thought, "eh". I do love beautiful photos, especially of artist's studios, but this is the real, nitty-gritty deal, and that can be fun too.

My family rents a small, clunky house that used to be a shotgun duplex. The layout is totally weird. There aren't any hallways. One day we'll have a nice house without stained ceiling tiles and renter-cliche-beige walls, but for now this is a roof over our heads. It's cozy.

The best thing about it is the one very big room, "The Grand Room" that we use as a living room/dining room and my studio! The most clever thing about my studio is my peg board organization thingy. I keep all of my thread there, right where I can see it. I also store my 5 scissors on it. I both use and lose all of those pairs of scissors while I work. You'll also see my closet I use for fabric storage. It's a great closet!

When I am not working, I close the curtains and the noise of all those colors and patterns goes away and lets me focus on other things (mostly my son, Walter). The calendar is where I write in my schedule of my orders. I buy these calendars from Sally Harless' Etsy shop every January. She draws animals so beautifully and uses peaceful, soft watercolors.

If you look underneath my desk, you will see my basket full of stuffing. When I string my mobiles together, I use a hook above a doorway. I iron on my dining room table. My studio life is intrinsically woven into everyday life, as you can see, which makes me think about work and making things often. I dream of a bigger space. Some day. Thanks for reading!

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