Thursday, December 26, 2013

Plush Hoarders

Plush Memories

I've loved stuffed animals since I was a very small girl. I've acquired oh so many that they'd probably fill an entire room! Eventually, I had to pare down my collection to just enough to carry around with me from one apartment to the next. With each move it got easier and easier to let some of my stuffed animals go. There was only so much space in my small apartment!

Now the number of stuffed animals I have from my childhood can fit into a shoebox. Only a few of them made the cut to keep. And what made me choose those few? Memories. Those plush are tied to the people and places from my past that I cherish and want to hold close.

My plush collection is full of memories of fun and friends. It started out small but through the annual Plush Team swap and a purchase here and there my plush collection has grown. These plush represent the people and places I want to remember. When you buy a plush for yourself or give one as a gift you're creating an experience that is a memory to treasure. And you get to hold it any time you want.

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