Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Scary Folk Stories challenge winner

We have a winner!

Plushroom Soup's Phoebe Ann. This is the tale that inspired her:

This Phoebe Ann was a very proud girl,
Her nose had always this upward curl--
She thought herself better than all beside,
And beat the peacock himself in pride.
She thought the earth so dirty and brown
That she never, by any chance, looked down;
And held her head so very high
That her neck began to stretch, bye and bye--
It stretched and it stretched, and it grew so long,
That her parents thought something must be wrong--
It stretched and stretched, and they soon began
To look up with fear at their Phoebe Ann.
They prayed her to stop her upward gaze,
But Phoebe kept on in her old proud ways;
At last it grew so long and spare,
That her head was more than this neck could bear--
And it bent to the ground, like a willow tree,
And brought down the head of this proud Phoebe.
Whenever she went out, a walk to take,
The boys would holler, "here comes a snake!"
And it got so heavy a load to drag on,
She had to push her head about on a little wagon.
So don't you hold your head too high,
Or your neck may stretch too, bye and bye.

Congratulations, Plushroom Soup!

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