Saturday, February 8, 2014

Look what arrived in the mail last week. . .

So excited when I spotted the envelope of exotic stamps from Bosnia & Herzegovina.  
It could only mean one thing. . .
My Plush Team Secret Swap 2014 was from Rowan (Out of the Frame).  
I already have two of her great pieces, one cute little tree and Lulu.  
(You can find out more about Lulu here.)

Inside the envelope I found this great little rabbit.  
He immediately discovered my carrot patch and helped himself.  
I'll need to keep a eye on him or no more carrots for me!

Isn't he terrific?  His little shoulder pack and carrot are removeable.   
And he's wearing a teal blue bolero jacket!  Can it get any better than that?   

Thanks so much Rowan.  He'll be well looked after.  
Now where should he live in my house?  
The plush display is always changing around here.

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