Monday, February 17, 2014

My amazing plush swap surprise!

Diane from Cutesy but not Cutesy here to tell you all about the AMAZING new beast that arrived on my doorstep last week from my super secret Plushteam swap buddy. And without wasting any time, I present to you...

Stompy McThumperton, Jr. from Abbydid!!!!!!! YAY! Now let's all do a little wiggle of excitement!

Many of you may have read and heard about the original and infamous Stompy McThumperton in Abby's post here about the making of this larger than life-size beast. I had the very distinct honor of meeting Mr. Stompy (The Original) while in Cincinnati with the Plushteam for Makerfaire this year where the giant McThumperton made a grand appearance.

It was love at first sight.

As you can imagine, everyone knew how very hard it was for me to part with Stompy when we left Cincinnati and I'm sure that when Abby drew my name for the swap that she knew exactly what to make me. Now I have a Junior Stompy of my very own!

Thank you, Abby!!!

1 comment:

abbydid said...

it was so fun to make him for you! thank you for giving jr. a good home:)

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