Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Plush Swap: Grey Tabby Cat

I love the plush shop.  Well we all do.   So much fun. My swap arrived last week, but I was without teh interwebs at home for tooo long (curse you Bell) this week.

But, here it is!!!!  A sweet crocheted version of own best Striped Grey Tabby Cat - Timmy all the way from Denise at Yummy Pancake.

Of course he comes with his best friend Saul, the happy and talented penguin,  and they were packed with supplies for the trip: a most awesome crocheted donut.  I am huge crochet fan.  And a huge donut fan. And a huge

Oh, and a valentine's pizza:

Here is the real Timmy being bad.

Thanks so much Denise!  I love him.
~ Jenny (Yermit)

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