Thursday, February 6, 2014

Plush Team Valentine's Day Swap

Look what landed in my mailbox--an envelope of fabulousness from my secret swap partner, Anne-Claire of HibouDesigns!

See the little owl she drew on the outside of the envelope? That's because the name of her shop, Hibou ("eeboo"), means owl in French. Also, those beautifully wrapped French bonbons she included in the package? I am saving them for a special occasion ate them already, and they were delicious!

A-C knows that I love zombies, and, because I am a needle felter, poking things. So what could be better than a zombie voodoo doll?

She thoughtfully included instructions for the doll, and extra pins so that I can begin stabbing him immediately.

However, I'm not sure I can bear to stab him. It appears someone has already broken his heart...

Thank you so, so much Anne-Claire! I'm sure everyone will be jealous of this fabulous swap, so if you would like a voodoo doll of your own there a plenty to choose from right here.

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