Thursday, February 13, 2014

PlushTeam Swap - A Squirrel invasion!

Howdy Plush Folks!

Guess who got the greatest swap of all? ME!!!!! 

Two days ago I was ready to get my kiddo out of the house for a jump in the snow when I see a big box on my front porch… and it has a squirrel warning on it! Now, I realize it may have scared anybody else off, but not me, no sir. On the contrary, I'm getting excited because I know who it is from, the amazingly creative needle felter, SquirrelMomma :)

My son was looking at me as I was squealing in delight while opening the box, wondering what was going on with me, half worried ;)
So I opened the box and here it was, the greatest present ever! … but wait, look at these squirrel stickers first.
Ok now here it is…

Isn't this amazing?

Thank you so much Amy, this one is just as amazing as the others (yes I do have a few of these books!) and it will complement my collection so well!
I love the colors and the way you needle felted the flower motif, I love the book (and I know you had a hard time finding one like this), I love it all!

So are you guys jealous yet?… well, take a look at this below and then you can be :) I have 3 of Amy's creations hanging on my walls at home!

So if you now feel like you cannot live without one of Amy's amazing designs, then head out to her shop and convo her!

Anne-Claire of HibouDesigns

1 comment:

MissEnota aka Kristin S. said...

I have a couple of squirrel momma's creations but this one is incredible! I love everything about it and am now quite envious of your wall. Great photos and thanks for sharing.

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