Friday, March 21, 2014

Gone To The Dogs

Yes, that's right. A couple of Plush Team members have gone to the dogs. A dog book, that is. On April 15 Rockport Publishers will be releasing the fabulous new book of dog art called "1,000 Dog Portraits: From the People Who Love Them" and two Plush Team members have their art included in the book, Denise from Yummy Pancake and me, Patti Haskins. We won't know which work of ours is in the book until its release, but in the meantime if you go over to Amazon you can sneak a peak by clicking on the blue "look inside" banner on the cover photo. I spied one of my pieces that way, the same piece that is used on the 1,000 Dog Portraits Facebook page, my hot pink flying dog pillow. This is the first time I'm looking forward to April 15. Check it out. Woof!

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