Sunday, March 2, 2014

I saved the best plush swap for last...

Hellooooooo! Abbydid here, and I am posting my Valentine's Plush Swap.  But Abby, you say, Valentine's Day was WEEKS ago, it's an entirely different MONTH now!  You would be correct, dear reader, but I lost track of time and am a cotton headed ninny muffin, and did not create my post until just this moment, as the rest of my house sleeps and we await the latest snowpocalypse.  

Honestly, the novelty of snowpocalypses (snowpocalypsi?) has grown very, very thin.

Onward!  The irony of all of this is I am the Plush Swap organizer, and so I certainly know better than to leave my dear plush maker hanging, and I created the rules of the swap, making me all the more chagrinned at my tardiness.  

Without any further delay I introduce you to my dear, darling, Grumpy Bunny.  I'll give you a moment while you gaze at him in all of his splendor:
Amazing, right?  Those arms are posable, that fur is extraordinary, and teal and purple happen to be my favorite colors.  Also, I have a penchant for rabbits.  

But who made this fabulous creature?  The one who's slightly blurry face is featured above (it's blurry because he wouldn't sit still, he had somewhere to be, I guess, or he had to tinkle).  I'd be delighted to tell you!  Grumpy Bunny was created by none other than Miss Jessica of Plushroom Soup.  

I adore Jessica, and have had the delight of meeting her in person during the first Plush Retreat.  Things I know about Jessica: she has this hip 50s vibe and rocks adorable dresses and hairdos like none other, she got married in a library, her monsters are bizarre and hilarious and amazing and I love them, she once told me I was high for thinking llamas look like David Bowie.  But really, people, LOOK:
 Jessica's latest adventure is running a farm, with aforementioned llamas.  You'd think having such intimate contact with llamas she would have noticed the likeness by now.  Maybe she just needs to listen to more "Under Pressure."  I bet the llamas would like it.  

But I digress!  Back to my Grumpy Bunny, who is being cradled lovingly in this child's arms.  I don't know who this child is, she just wandered in off the street.  I should really lock the doors.  Here you see Grumpy Bunny's arms in action!  He is about to get into fisticuffs with whoever tries to take him from this strange little girl.

And I saved the very best for last - check out Grumpy Bunny's ink!  Jessica also knows I enjoy yoga, and she gave GB a little reminder to chillax with an OM now and then.  Jessica and I agreed you'd think he'd be less grumpy with such wisdom right there on his arm, but perhaps these things take time. 

So there you have it, Jessica is amazing and you should go enjoy her work and adopt some to come live with you as soon as humanly possible.  You should also listen to "Under Pressure" while petting a llama.  Thank you again, Jessica, you are the bee's knees! 

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