Monday, March 3, 2014

Plush swap love

Karissa from Kitty Kitty Crafts here! I am delayed in posting about the AMAZING plush I received from M. Bridges of Moon's Creations for the annual Plush Team swap, but that's mostly because I've been overwhelmed by the awesomeness of it! I had mentioned that I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan (and, honestly, who isn't?!?) and Marcy made up these super awesome Sam and Suzy Moon Buns for me!

Just look at the details! Sam has a scarf and his Khaki Scout badges, and Suzy has a tiny pair of binoculars, awesome fluffy hair, and even her trademark blue eyeshadow!
I *adore* these little guys! Marcy was so sweet and included some little wooden rings to help them stand up, and they have a place of honor right by my TV!
Check out more of Marcy's plush here (seriously--the quality of these guys is impeccable; you won't be disappointed!) and see the cat in pajamas that I made for her here!

1 comment:

yermit said...

Sooo cute. I do love seeing the exchanges.

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