Sunday, June 29, 2014

Plush Team challenge May/June: Maike as a puppet

For the annual PT challenge this time the lovely Marcy from Moon's Creations and I (Maike from CreepyandCute) decided to let the members make themselves as a puppet.
Either a literal reference of themselves of as an alter ego. And let them make a little video or photo story with their puppet.

The results are all equally amazing but totally different as well. The following days you will see what everyone came up with.

Here's my submission:

I decided to go for the more "realistic" looking version of myself (However... I do not smile this maniacally all the time ;) ) and show several aspects of the plush making business with a little photo story.

First there's the sketching and research...

 Then the sewing...

The online marketing

And at lucky days even a sale and sending a package :)

1 comment:

Kirsty McQuade said...

Amazing! Everyone should have a puppet version of themselves

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