Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I Am a Very Lucky Squirrel!

I (being Squirrel Momma) am indeed a very lucky squirrel because I received a swap from the incredibly talented artist Abbydid!

It arrived in this splendidly mysterious box.

Within was a large, bubble-wrapped object marked "Goat Dog Force Field". Hah! I wish I could get a force field to protect my entire house from Goat Dog, aka Devourer of Worlds.

And behold, it's a Vegetable Lamb of Tartary! 
And what, you ask, IS a Vegetable Lamb of Tartary? It's an adorable lamb growing from a plant base (isn't that where all lambs come from?) that was discovered by scientists during the Middle Ages. Best of all, Abby was thoughtful enough to include taco snacks should the lamb feel peckish. 

The Vegetable Lamb in all its glory, complete with force field!

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